Fake Microsoft Tech Support Calls are back!

Yes.  You read that correctly.  Fake Microsoft Tech Support Calls are Back!  Woohoo!  Last time they called me was a month ago. I spoke to them 4 different times and pretended to enter in their information.  They always start off similarly.  It’s either that your computer is sending out viruses or in this case it was that they needed to show me my computer ID that it is the computer they are talking about.  It’s still the same scam. They want you to enter in a malicous website address in the command prompt by having you hit WINDOWS+R and then typing in cmd.

So last time I spoke with a “supervisor” and confused the hell out of them when I kept telling them that nothing was happening.  This time I just came out and asked how many people do they talk to a day. They said between 10 to 15,000 people a day they “help”.  Somehow we ended up with a lost in translation episode.  They thought I asked them for a job when I said I was in IT.  They transferred me to their “supervisor” who then asked me again if I wanted a job.  I obviously told them no.


In any event keep an eye out for these scoundrels.