Fixed SNMP Security Flaw using a Print Server

I kept receiving a highly critical security message about SNMP on the security reports.  Been seeing it for a long time but I couldn’t figure out how to solve it.  It seems like Windows 7 would not print unless SMNP was enabled.  No matter what setting I changed it wouldn’t print.

I read about setting up a print server.  I had set one up before but never used it.  What I did was I enabled CUPS in the Ubuntu 12.04 server and setup the print server using CUPS.  My problem in the past seems to have been that I didn’t know how to use the print server.  I found these great instructions and it seems so simple now.

Basically you have to add the printer that is located on the print server.  You added by the IP address.  For example it could be \\\konica if “konica” is the name of the print queue and “” is the print server IP address.

With that all fixed I now have no SNMP issues!