Is the Moto Hint Worth It? Answer: Yes

Moto Hint

Updated: 1/9/15

Finally got to spend some more time with it and at first I wasn’t sure I would keep  it.  The issues I ran into turned out to be related to my cell service and not the Moto Hint.   I love how light it feels in the year.  It is very easy to wear for long periods.  The main issue I have ran into is when I need to put it in my ear it seems like it doesn’t always register at first.  I have to put it in it’s carrying case and press down then close and reopen and then it kicks in.  This has only happened to me twice but I don’t have a good answer as to why.  The three hours of talk time is still considered very low compared to many Bluetooth devices but I don’t mind sacrificing talk time for comfort.  People can also hear me.  I was really worried about this but no one seems to realize I am on a Bluetooth when I ask if they can hear me.

I am now quite pleased with it.

Original article:

Is the Moto Hint worth it?  That’s the question that we all need to answer.  After waiting a full month to receive it Moto did send it Fedex International Priority and I got it in just two days from Shenzen, China.  That’s actually quite amazing that it made it here and cleared customs in that short of time.

Here is what I have done with it:

  • successfully paired it to my Nexus 6
  • unsuccessfully paired it to my ZTE Open running Firefox OS
  • Listened to TuneIn on the way to and from town
  • Unsuccessfully tried to use the Hint and my Bluetooth dongle in the car at the same time
  • Made a phone call with it
  • Charged it

I loved how it is super light-weight and you can’t tell it’s there but it also makes me nervous because if it does fall out will I even notice? The Moto Hint is comfortable and was a snug fit.  I am even curious to see if I could run with it but I’m afraid if it does fall out it will roll right off the apron and into the water.

Figuring out how to charge it was a bit more challenging than I would have liked.  The cable is a very tight fit and because of that I didn’t get any lights to light up at first.

Not getting the Hint to pair with my 2nd phone really worries me.  I am going to go under the assumption that the problem is with my phone but nevertheless it still should have paired!  I also liked being able to listen to music.  That was cool.  Certainly you don’t get any stereo out of it nor is it going to be very loud but it let me hear my surroundings just fine.

I haven’t really tested the battery yet but if the audio prompts are to be believed it is right where it should be with 4 hrs of talk time.

Lastly, the actual clarity of the little Moto Hint.  On the first attempt the person calling me had a hard time hearing me.  I had no issues hearing her.  I will try a 2nd time where I have better reception as it may have been that and not the actual acoustics of the Moto Hint.