Ghost Blog Upgrade Issues


Ghost Blog

I have ghost blog upgrade issues every single time I upgrade.  I can’t say that I am repeating the same mistakes over and over because I am not.  I can generalize and say when ghost blog was released my problems leaned toward permission issues.  I have those straighten out now but I still seem to continue to have issues.

Today I was upgrading from Ghost 0.7.0 to Ghost 0.7.8.  My issues was a version NPM that was extremely old, I missed copying over some json files and I had to run npm-install –production multiple times.

It’s back up and I understand they are not even at 1.0 yet but I wish the upgrade process could be smoother.  I am extremely comfortable with Linux and use it on a daily basis but for some reason I can’t ever get it work on the first try.

I also see that they removed the forums.  I’m all for change and making things easier but I can’t use google to find my answer.  I will have to read up on why they decided to make the change.