It is update Saturday! More like Saturday night but I have a lot of servers that need new Linux kernels. I have 3CX servers begging for an upgrade. I have been also holding off on the v0.51 of Mail in a Box. I also upgraded my ghost blog to version 3.40.1. I have several WordPress sites that needs some updates pushed out but those will be done throughout the week. I have a lot.

One thing about updating; and it can be a drag, is the late time of the night. I can’t reboot some of the servers due to the potential of people using them. For instance I have 2 sites for a radio station. I really have to wait till well after midnight before no one is listening.

Unfortunately, I also have several Cyberoam routers in production. Yes, they have been Sophos for years but upgrading these small routers just was not worth the hassle. I saw there was an SQL injection issue. Same issue that plagued my Sophos routers. ARGH! For that reason I have started the process of learning OPNSense. I don’t see a point in pushing routers for these insane prices if they are going to be hit with all these security issues. I have some other posts coming up talking about my journey with OPNSense. This is going to take me months but I like what I have seen so far.