Unable to Verify Domain Amazon SES and Google Domains

I had a very difficult time getting two domains to verify on Amazon SES. From what I found online it seems like nothing was going to work. What is strange is that I have several domains already verified and I use to not have any issues. Something changed in Amazon SES and I think it is the keys that you have to add to your DNS. In my case I had to remove the TXT name and only put _amazonses. My DKIM was also not verifying. After seeing what I did for the domain verification I decided to check out a domain that did verify and I found out that I have to delete the data after _.domainkey. How was I supposed to know? Google has no information about this. Amazon has no information about this. It is just frustrating and a complete waste of time.

Of the two domains that needed to be verified and along with their DKIM that would be 4 approvals. I already received 3 approvals in the first hour of waiting. The last approval is just the DKIM and I will review that again tomorrow if it does not verify before then.