Wyze Shipping Included in the Price

I received an email from Wyze late this week. It mentioned two important things. The first is that Wyze is going to include the cost of shipping in the price of each item. That way we do not get hit with the sticker shock at second. Second, and this what is being reported over everything else, Wyze is raising their prices on a few items. The v3 camera and the Doorbell will be first. It’s just a few bucks on the camera nad $10 on the doorbell. None of these are dealbreakers. They are still great prices. In fact, they really did not have to send out an email for this.

Unfortunately I see the email being posted as “60%” price increase. I also saw it listed as “Wyze lies again”. Come on now. These headlines will get the clicks and one of them got mine but let us all be real here. We all know there are shortages and they span an insane amount of items. Throw some good old inflation into the mix and I would have honestly thought the price would have gone up even higher.

I’m still very pleased with my Wyze products. We have A LOT of them. Are they perfect? Nope otherwise they would cost a whole lot more. Are they the best bang for your buck. I certainly believe so.