Huawei Mate X Pro Bluetooth Windows 11

I had some troubles with bluetooth on my Huawei Mate X Pro. This only started after I installed Windows 11. It was one of those issues where you aren’t entirely sure what the problem is. The device manager would show the exclamation mark and reinstalling the driver would fix that issue but the bluetooth continued to not connect.

Huawei has their own program called Huawei PC Manager to update the drivers. It turns out that the program needed an update. It would be nice if Huawei would build that update process into the driver update program. After updating the program it did find new drivers for the bluetooth.

I updated the drivers but it still would not work! This was getting frustrating. I ended up uninstalling the drivers. Then I rebooted and then I ran a PC Manager scan again. Then I was able to update the bluetooth drivers. Finally, I had working bluetooth again!

A week later I had the same problem. I followed the same process and got it working again. I think this issue was partially Microsoft’s fault. I have gone three weeks without the bluetooth issues. I have had to reboot since then but no reinstalling of the drivers.