ChatAPI Can Give You the Wrong Answer

ChatAPI has been wrong with it’s code more times than right. The first time it was wrong was when I asked for code to implement a CNAM lookup for 3CX. From my knowledge there is no way to implement this correctly. ChatAPI insisted it was possible but the directions provided definitely do not work. I tried to see if there use to be a way but I have no idea where it got it’s info from. The closest I can tell is it was blurring FreePBX with 3CX. It wasn’t FreePBX directions but there was parts of the code that sure seem like it was from there.

The next time it was wrong was with filtering spam calls on a Signalwire number. In this instance it wanted me to use Twilio Spam Score API. Well, that doesn’t exist. I told it this and it apologized and then told me to use Truecaller. Truecaller has a developer platform but their API doesn’t work in this way. The code wanted an API key and secret. Truecaller wants me to create an app. On the third time asking it provided a 10 top ten list. A few them I did recognize.

The time wasted trying to prove the code is good or not does not save me anytime. At least from my point of view. Obviously version 4 will be coming out soon. I am eager to try that.