AT&T 3G doesn’t suck in Alpharetta, GA

Call me suprised. On many message boards and websites I have complained about my AT&T 3G problems. Numerous dropped calls everyday, muffled voices, unable to hear anything on one side of the call. Just on 3G. I switch to EDGE and all is well. This would be for anywhere I go in my home town, Austin, TX.

Well, I finally understand why there are some people out there that actually like AT&T. After 3 days in Alpharetta, GA I have had a flawless 3G experience. I’m amazed. It’s refreshing to finally have a positive thing happen with AT&T.

While I get to call Austin home I also get to call Alpharetta my temporary home away from home for the next few months. This great experience with AT&T here won’t stop me from switching to Sprint but it does easy the pain of waiting for a year to be up in my contract (November).

I am curious as to why 3G works so well here while it is so awful in Austin.