External Harddrive enclosure died. Acomdata (updated 3/23)

I currently use two external enclosures for backups along with a hard drive in my main system that backs everything up. Since losing several months worth of data a few months ago I take many precautions.

Hopefully the Gdrive will become a reality. Google is rumored to eventually offer space on the internet where you can store everything to. However, until that arrives I will be stuck storing everything on hard drives.

I recently moved a few months ago and never bothered to actually hook up my 2 external drives. One is strictly for my mp3’s and the other has other hard drive has a misc of everything from pictures to movies.

Well, I decided to hook them up to extract my 2007 tax return off of it. It wouldn’t work! My 2 drives are housed in Acomdata enclosures. One is strictly for hard drives and the other is for hard drives or dvd/cd drives. Well, the one that is strictly for hard drives is the one I couldn’t get to work no matter what I tried. I took both apart, swapped the drives and to no avail.

Has anyone had an external enclosure die on them? I can’t figure out if I have even had it for a year or not. The only positive to come out of this is my data is still intact. 🙂

UPDATED: It was my fault.  I didn’t realize that I had a poor connection.  There were two pins that were not making contact on the harddrive.