Battery Power! I sure wish I had more battery

I think the two biggest technological advancements that we need are longer lasting batteries and cheap renewable energy. If anyone can solve either of these two dilemmas, they will be in the Top 5 on Forbes 500 richest list.

I have an older laptop that has an extended battery. The original battery started to wear down after a year. Which is normal. It doesn’t change the fact that one has to buy a new one every so often. In this instance, I bought an extended battery which literally extends outside the regular body of the laptop and adds more weight to it. It’s certainly manageable but for the added weight and space being taken, I sure wished it would last longer. I can get 3.5 hours doing “regular” work. That means no watching videos, media or anything cpu intensive. I can get this by changing my screen brightness down to the lowest setting. I assume this means I don’t have an LED backlight as I have never checked on it. The dimness of the screen is fine in most instances. When working outside, just forget it cause you will need the brightness to contrast the sun.

If you plan on watching videos, it will top out around the 2 hr mark. Now, these times are not the worst out there and are basically average times but it really bites if you can’t find an outlet near and you know you will be needing more battery very shortly. (lots of airports, starbucks, etc.)

So if anyone can get a battery that last for a month without recharging, and is affordable, I will be right there in front of my computer to purchase.