CenturyLink Messed up my Windows Server

I have had to deal with several different phone and cable companies throughout the US and now in the USVI.  I got a special blessing when I had to deal with CenturyLink.  My family in Wisconsin and a client in Lousiana.  What else do they have in common?  Horrible customer service and messed up DSL.

I am going to focus on just the client for this post.  Not only that, I am just going to focus on their latest screw-up.  The client was having internet issues.  At first CenturyLink insisted it wasn’t their problem and that there were two default gateways.  They eventually are convinced to come out.  They replace modem with a modem/router combo.  What I mean by “replaced” is they literally took the old one out and put the new one in.  No testing with the existing system, no instructions given, nothing.  What they did was introduce another router to an existing network and another DHCP server.  Windows Server SBS 2003 does not like options.  What Centurylink called testing was plugigng in a cat5 cable and attaching it to a laptop and saying the internet works.

This is a business line!  There is no excuse for this.  Everything snowballed from there.  I lost hours and eventually had to get help from another company to solve the network issues.  The client couldn’t work either.  Can you guess what the geniuses at Centurylink said when they were called?  They said that the modem must be incompatible with our networking equipment.  Have you ever heard something that stupid come out of a tech support person’s mouth?!

A factory reset of the modem allowed us to fix the rest of the issues.

Monopolies suck.  If they had some competition maybe they would be out of business today.