Follow up on how bad Prism Pointe is..Don’t buy Gateway

We performed work for Gateway through Prism Point Technologies at the end of May 2008. Their customer was delighted with the work we performed. Of the five companies sent to resolve the client’s problem, we were the only ones to resolve it. We followed up the following Monday and Tuesday to ensure that all was going well and everything was working great. They were delighted!

Our company submitted all of the paperwork per Prism Point Technologies directions and waited for payment. In June we contacted Prism Pointe to inquire about our payment. They said they did not receive our FAX, so we re-FAXd the paperwork.

We waited another two weeks, contacted Prism Point again and talked to Laura. She said that she had gotten the paperwork and would be cutting a check before the end of the month. Three weeks later, no payment.

We contacted Prism Point at the beginning of August 2008, we were dumped into the Accounts Payable voice mail, no response after two days, called back, voice mail again, no reply.

Called back the following week, Laura’s voice mail was full and we cannot leave a voice mail. We ask for her supervisor, “she’s out to lunch but will call us back”. No response.

This went on for five months. We have always been very pleasant to the young lady that answers the phone and would be pleasant to anyone else in their company if they would be at their phones, not out to lunch, gone home for the day, working from home that day, sick kids, death in the family, or a myriad of other excuses we get for anyone else not in attendance at this company. We have attempted to work our way up the chain of command to resolve our payment problem No One Is Ever In.

This is the fourth such company in six years of business we have worked for doing this type of third party work. None have come through with payment.

Do not accept work from Prism Point Technologies, they will not pay you.

From this post you can see that Gateway didn’t care. So thats Dell and Gateway that will not get myself or my clients money any more. Gateway was already on my do not recommend list due to their horrible build quality.

This should be illegal.