Splashtop Business now has File Transfer

Splashtop BusinesSplashtop Business now has file transfer as of late last week.  You can read the email that I received from them.  This was a highly sought feature and should make many people happy.  I am still looking forward to having in-chat options.

I was a teamviewer user for many years and with their “lifetime” license I still use it here and there.  My biggest gripe with teamviewer has always been their licensing.  It sounds good that you get a lifetime license but it’s only for that version.  For example, every year they release a new version of teamviewer.  I believe they are up to version 9.  That is great and I am glad they add new features to it every year.  However, their upgrade fee i still high.  Not only that but they hit you for every little thing with the biggest one being mobile access.  With splashtop business I pay $60 and can use my tablet to remote into another computer.

I will definitely concede the point that teamviewer has numerous more options and better stability but it comes at a cost.  A cost that I can’t justify in a mobile world.  I will also point out that splashtop business will charge me $60 per user each year I use it.  Either way that is still much cheaper than teamviewer’s pricing.

Splashtop Business now offers a way to transfer files! This has been one of the most requested features, and we’re glad to finally have it for you to try.

I would also like to mention that the email said that the updated files are not readily available on their update server but should be there soon.