What I learned today: Joomla permissions

I was trying to put the print icon on just one page of a joomla site I was creating. I changed the global permissions and the article permissions. It was an all or nothing affair. With the global configuration all the pages showed it or none of the pages showed the link.

I thought my trust google would help me. It did but not it did take a bit of reading. My initial search was “joomla unable to override global article properties”

The first hit was the answer but it wasn’t as clear to me. The first link talked about hiding the header on each page. I thought this was similar to my problem and decided to check it out. Again, it did take some reading but eventually someone answered the question.

It turns out that Joomla also has menu parameters that OVERRIDE the article parameters. After changing the menu parameters to show the print link it now shows and only on that one page!