New Simcity another reason why DRM is no good

I almost bought Simcity early. I was on the beta testing list even. However, I was given only a day’s notice of when they were going to do there tests (2 of them) and I was traveling at the time.

I think it is naive to give people such a short notice and at the same time assume everyone has a fast and reliable internet connection. I have neither. I have 1 meg DSL which is the fastest I can get where I am at and it happily slows down during bad weather and high winds. The latter being quite frequent.

I’ve seen many posts around the internet of people complaining that their cities are not saved and they have to wait forever to just play their single player games. This is because everything is saved “in the cloud” on EA’s servers. Is there an option to save somewhere else? Hell no because in EA’s world that means you are a pirate.

I’m really sad to see all the issues that simcity is having. It is easily my top 3 game franchises and I have been waiting years for a new iteration. I think EA is too big to care so I don’t see these issues ever being addressed. So long Simcity. We will always have the memories.