Streaming from Western Digital Live to Roku – Not easy

I am going to make this very short: My Western Digital Live will not stream to the Roku without a ton of work. There seems to be only two ways to do this.

The first way is to update Twonky and pay the $20 to get it to version 7.x. This requires a person to be comfortable with Linux – which I am but most people are not. This first way still would not work for me. I could never get my WD Live to show on the website thus making it useless. I could see my desktop which I also installed twonky on but several of my movie encodes would not play. Not sure how this is possible since I always use the same settings.

The second way is to install apache or Lttpd(sp?) on the Live. I have not done this. After wasting a few hours on this I am through trying to make it work. I guess I will be copying the movies to a flash drive to play them on the roku.