Search Engine Optimization, again. (SEO)

I have been spending much of my time researching and tweaking my site to improve my rankings.  Since I started I have gone from a 4/10 on Google’s PageRank to a 0/10.  My actual rankings in google have fluctuated from where my business has plummted in local businesses in Austin while they have increased in Milwaukee.

SEO is key for a website to do well.  It’s basically free advertsing if you can get your website ranked near the top.  Unfortunately, either Google’s algorithim has been going through a bunch of tweaks or the SEO material I have been reading is out of date. 🙁

It still looks like the key is the linking to higher page ranked websites.  If you can get your site linked on a higher ranked website you will rise in the rankings as well.  I will continue to work on this and if I learn anything new I will definitely share it.