Tools to use in Windows!

I will be adding a new section to the main website that will list useful tools that people should be using on a continual basis.  I think the best thing for me to do would be for me to list the tools with a brief description of what they do and then proceed to review it and give more indepth into the tool right here.  My list is really short right now and I would love to hear some suggestions.

  • JKDefrag – Vista’s defrag program does a terrible job!  This is freeware and I run it once a week.  I despised Vista before using this.
  • AVG Free Edition – Freeware and I have already extolled my gratitude in this blog about them.  I have a Vista computer with Norton on it to fix later this evening and it sure sounds like a virus to me.
  • WinRAR – Much like the zip programs out there but it is the program of choice for many geeks to compress files.  It is one of thee very first programs I install on a computer.
  • FileZilla – Freeware.  It’s a FTP program that is small and compact.  I highly recommend it if you are uploading and downloading on a regular basis.

I said it would be a short list. 🙂