Chrome OS testing Continues

Chrome OS logoI successfully retrieved my missing power adapter this past Sunday.   I have several power adapters in my possession but none of them fit.  Much like phones have now (except arrogant Apple) settled on micro usb, why can’t notebook computer makers settle on 1 adapter fits all?  I wonder how much effort it would take to get everyone to do this.

When I picked up my adapter this past Sunday we were on a road trip to our home away from home, Atlanta, GA.  (the adapter was forgotten in New Orleans).  I had purchased a power converter for the car so that we could plug our electronics into it.  When it was finally time for the wife to drive I got my chance to charge the laptop.  I can say that I was quite please with the charge time.  It took 15 minutes to get a 30% charge.  That’s not bad I think.  Especially when 30% charge means  an hour of battery life?

I have several goals that I want to accomplish with this prototype.  One, I want to make it as my primary laptop.  It obviously cannot replace the desktop due to full applications such as dreamweaver that are needed.  However, if I can do everything else on the web that will be nice.  The second goal I have is to find replacements for some of the apps I currently use.  For example, skype and notepad++.  I am not calling them necesarily simple apps, but they may be easier to be ported to Chrome OS.  The les I have to rely on applications the better.  Another example would be my remote desktop software, Teamviewer.  This I have already been able to replace by using the web based version of it.

Tomorrow I’d like to list a few of the problems I have come across here.  No dealbreakers but some of them can be annoying.  I was hoping for an update in the 2 wees that I had the notebook turned off because I had no way to charge it.