Google Chrome Cr-48 Bugs

Today i am using my chrome notebook again at Starbucks. First thing I notice before I even get here is that my backpack is so light compared to my 3 yr old Lenovo notebook!

Now on to the disappointing things from today. I get a nice tall bold starbucks coffee, take a seat and turn on m bluetooth headset to stream music. I pull out my google notebook and open the lid. Screen comes on right away as usual. Things are still going well. I then reach into my bag to pull out my paper notebooks. After setting them next to the computer I look back at the screen to begin my work. Lo and behold, the screen is black. You can tell the backlight is on but nothing is being displayed. The first thing one would think is it is in sleep mode. Well, I hit the power button probably 15 times. Tried quick taps and log holds. Nothing. I had saw last night something about a pin hole you can push in to reset the computer under the VGA adapter. Well, I didn’t see this pin last night but there looks like a pin on the right side above the USB port. I didn’t try too hard but I couldn’t get the button to push in.  So what other choices do I have?  Well, if it is a cellphone you pull the battery.  I decided to try that.  While turning the notebook over I noticed that the top right corner of the notebook is peeling.  Yes, there is a very thin film on it and it started to peel.  My luck I suppose.  Well, I did get the battery pulled and sure enough, everything started to work again!

Earlier in the story I had mentioned a VGA port.  Well, I tried streaming Hulu to my tv last night.  First, I didn’t know the shortcut to have it display externally.  It’s CTRL-FULLSCREEN button.  The fullscreen button is the 5th button from the left.  Second, it was choppy.  Not as choppy as my first gen Dell Mini 9 but still not enjoyable.  I switched back to my old laptop and used the Chrome notebook to work while the show played.

One more note: I logged in the old fashion way to my google apps account and now have both my PCPrime and personal account info up.  Didn’t think that worked before for me but I must have done something wrong.