Contact a local Reseller! – Why this is one of the most frustrating sentences on the internet

I’m navigating a website that has a product that I really like. I click on their pricing page which is sometimes just says ‘BUY’. With the excitement of a little child I am waiting for the page to load to see how much the product costs. Then, just as what happened when I was a kid I have that instant gratification destroyed. It says I need to talk to a reseller.

Smash! Kapow! I’m getting smacked around like the joker in Batman. I understand the reasoning behind the reseller. If a potential sale is on the fence a human can convince that person to finalize the sale. They can also ask questions to the reseller. However, the biggest reason for having a reseller is to have a negotiable price.

I get it. Really, I do but what I don’t get is why I should take the time to call or email and then find more time in my schedule to talk to them. What’s worse, since most of my purchasing is for price sensitive clients, there is a good chance that both the reseller and myself will be wasting our times. Without a base I don’t know what to expect for pricing.

I believe JCPenny is on to something with their clear and no frills pricing. I truly hope it works for them but I wish there was less ambiguity in pricing in software products.