Logitech K750 Wireless Keyboard Battery Dying

My Logitech K750 Wireless keyboard has been the best keyboard I have ever owned. I love logitech and also own a few mice and a wireless headset from them. Also have bought 2 cameras for skype from them but have sold them.

It’s been 25 month since I purchased my wireless keyboard. In that time I have loved it. It has been the best feeling keyboard this side of my Mac Air. However, the battery has started to crap out. Last night the battery only lasted 1.5 hours without sunlight. It seems that the lights in my room can’t charge the battery.

I’ve been corresponding with Logitech about this issue and they have just agreed to allow me to file a warranty claim. It has a three warranty. I have taken advantage of Logitech’s warranties in the past with my mouse that died unexpectedly.  That was also honored.  I love that about them.

The thing I don’t understand is why they don’t just make the battery replaceable?  Their FAQ states that the battery is not replaceable.  I’m quite sure that my battery is not holding a charge anymore. Why go through a warranty process for a bad or old battery?

If for some reason I get denied on my warranty I wanted to make sure I listed what battery the keyboard does take.  I found this information in the logitech forums.  This will be my 2nd option.

Maxell ML2032 ML 2032 Rechargeable 3V Coin Cell Battery