Microsoft Buying Nokia is another bad decision for Ballmer

I don’t believe that Microsoft had to buy Nokia.  Nokia was already Microsoft’s puppet.   They were doing whatever was asked of them by Microsoft.  I understand that Microsoft wants to become a products and services company but why would purchasing a headset maker improve that outcome?

Nokia has lost considerable market share since choosing Microsoft as a partner.  The Windows phone have not done so well with the public.  Being happy that you are the third most popular phone operating system in the world is like being happy you won $5 on a $1 million scratch off.  In the grand scheme of things it just doesn’t matter.

Another concern they should have is that this merger won’t be completed for almost a year.  In a year Ballmer leaves Microsoft. Sure, it looks like Stephen Elop is going to take over but what has he done with Nokia except stand watch over a crumbling empire?  One year in the mobile phone business feels like five years in normal time.  By the time Microsoft is ready to introduce a new or updated phone iOS and Android will be on to their next iterations.

People say that Blackberry will only ever be a niche player for certain industries.  I’m getting this feeling that Microsoft will end up being the same thing with businesses.