I Will Not Recommend Asus Products

I will not recommend Asus products anymore. After a month of dealing with them I am out almost $200 and still have a busted motherboard. What a total waste of time and money.

Here is what transpired. I get a message on my computer about USB and shutting down. I can’t remember the exact message but I went through the usual steps and after taking the whole thing apart and still not getting the computer to POST properly I looked to have the motherboard RMA’d back.

That was mistake number 1. They said I had water damage and denied my warranty. I said I live in the tropics and some discoloration is normal on ALL electronics especially because I don’t live in air conditioning. Second, I explained that the motherboard has not been out of the computer case since I installed it under two years ago.

They wanted ~$198 to repair the motherboard. I paid $193 originally for the board. They eventually gave me a discount that dropped it to $136. I should also mention that I wasted a few hours because their chat either didn’t work or the persons would just let you hang and wouldn’t respond back.

After paying for the motherboard I have to wait over 2 weeks to get it back. Part shortage – whatever. I get the motherboard back and I try to fire it up. Nothing. I try all my spare parts and it just wouldn’t light up. Not even LEDs. I ask ASUS the next day if it can turn on without a CPU and they said no. I then send them pics of the CPU socket and they in turn opened an RMA.

I pay another $18 plus to send the piece of junk back to only be told that the bent pins are my fault. Yes, the 43 year old that has built close to 100 computers in his lifetime. The professional IT person. Yep. Totally his fault.

I write them back telling them I didn’t do it. They asked if I had proof and I sent them the pics again. By the way the broken board was already on its way back to me when they decided to decline me again. The board that DOES NOT HAVE A CPU COVERING ON IT.

I can’t believe they are such an awful company now. I use to recommend their equipment. I can assure you that is not going to happen anymore. Not only that I am going to back to AMD. Cheaper motherboards and comparable CPUs.