Caddy is Interesting

Ars Technica was talking about Caddy yesterday. It is web server much like Apache or Nginx. Well, maybe not much like but it is a web server. I have actually heard of it before. I think it was a Medium article. It talked about using Caddy with something as a front end and ghost blog as the backend..I don’t really remember. It just sounded so complicated for a simple blog.

I wouldn’t mind trying out Caddy but doubt that I will. I’ve given up on Apache pretty much and I try to run Nginx on just about everything. It runs fast and I am pretty good at it now.

Apache annoyed me a few years back compared against Nginx. If it has improved to run comparably faster then congrats but I just am much more comfortable with Nginx now.

Anyways, the point I am really trying to make is others can come out and be better than what they are replacing but sometimes it really isn’t good enough or you need to run a lot of other packages to get even better speeds.

I need something that will blow me out of the water much like Nginx did. At first Nginx was confusing to me and I didn’t get it. Now it feels it has simplified with age while maintaining it’s speed and ease of use.