Error 018-759 Xerox Workcentre 5335 SMTP

I was having a lot of issues getting SMTP to work on Xerox. Specifically this Xerox 5335 that I have here. I was trying to get it to work with Office 365 specifically. However I kept receiving error 018-759. Let me tell you right now that Xerox is not very good with documentation. Even on the new Versas they will give you the error message and nothing else. On top of that it might be something completely different.

For instance, I can’t remember the code but Xerox’s documentation on the internet states its a failed sensor but maybe it’s just a stuck paper. Want to guess which one it was? The answer is neither. All it wanted was for you to choose the paper size for a scanned document. Now the weird part is nothing was being printed. Something was being scanned. How does it get stuck paper or failed paper sensor out of picking the wrong paper size? Frustrating!

Back to the latest issue. I have included a pic of the settings that worked for me. Also verify that the time on the printer is correct and that you are using the latest firmware.

Lastly, my big issue was the “Login Credentials for the Machine to access the SMTP Server to send automated emails” section. SMTP AUTH is required yet every time I selected it and saved it the thing reverted back to NONE.

Here was the key for me and it took hours and I never found this info on the web. Turn on SMTP AUTH from the control panel directly on the printer and not on the web gui. Even though I upgraded the firmware in this process the problem still lingered. This is an older machine so hopefully there aren’t too many out there.