Generic Wireless Earbuds are Not Bad

I will not pay over $100 for a pair of earbuds that will eventually wear out and that I may lose. I will not pay $50 either however, I will recommend generic wireless earbuds.

There are many choices out there on both Amazon and Aliexpress. I have purchased two of these bluetooth 5.0 earbuds now. They both are water resistent, have a charging pod. They last for hours and sound really good. What they lack in compared to airpods are shorter battery times, phone calls are bit more muffled and there are some weird things that occur when trying to charge. None of these are deal breakers and none of them are work $150+ to fix. I also assume the batteries will wear out sooner but at this price I can pick up another one if need be. The brand I got myself is different than the one I got my wife but they act the same and are very similar outside the case design.