Xerox 3335 Out of Memory Errors

There is a Xerox Workcentre 3334 here that use to print great but recently it has been giving me out of memory errors on both Word and PDF documents. These are larger files but nevertheless they should still print. Before the out of memory errors it would also take forever to print a few pages. 10 seconds or more pause between pages.

I don’t know what brought this on but it really never was a problem before. It’s a Xerox 3335 that is networked and only one computer prints to it. I tried a variety of different drivers on it and it didn’t matter. I also added the “lp” print queue to see if that would improve the speeds. PCL or PS also was useless. I also upgraded the firmware!

What seems to have worked is turning off the print spooling in the printer itself. Log into the printer and in the properties tab click on Maintenance on the left. From there you will see a “Firmware Upgrade” link.

One more thing I should mention is at first the issues were all with PDF documents. Using Chrome instead of Adobe Reader DC seems to have fixed that. Yesterday, the problem was with a 170 page Word document.

I’ll continue to monitor it and see if any other issues arise. I’ve never had to disable the print spooling on a printer before and I work with printers all the time. Thankfully the newer computers can handle the spooling much better than in years past.