PC-Prime.com has been Migrated to a Raspberry Pi 4

One of my EC2 instance reserves was going to be up on January 29th. I took the opportunity to move it to a new raspberry Pi 4 B with 8 GB of Ram. It is running Ubuntu 23.04 server and is on a 32GB SD card. I also have the daily backup going to Cloudflare R2. I was already using Cloudflare for the DNS and the CDN.

The wordpress setup and install took longer than I wanted. I just have not done it in a long time. Now with the bugs fixed I should be good to go.

The site gets less than a 10,000 hits a month and is more about having it as a requirement for things like taking credit cards. The cost for the Pi is close to my 3 yr reserved t3a price. I figured now that I have the speed and experience then why not self-host. I’ve been waiting years for a Pi 4. I have several 2’s and 3’s but wanted the extra ram in the latest version. I may also put another site or two on the PI. Why not right?