I have no idea how I ended up with SSL issues on the restore but I think I finally have it fixed. I use Cloudfront for the SSL. I used to use Let’s Encrypt but this is so much easier – usually. I use the flexible setting in Cloudflare and then downloaded a plugin called SSL Insecure Content Fixer and it fixed my issues.

I could have sworn I was using Full Encryption last time. When I went to the Cloudfront settings I was sure that is what was selected. Using Flexible it worked for visitors but I couldn’t post. It said there was insecure items. If I show the insecure items i can’t publish. I had to set my site settings to HTTP instead of HTTPS. That is also something that I could have sworn was HTTPS before the crash.

Who knows but it is all working again. My next thing to fix is the multi-site. I found instructions to use regular domains instead of subdomains. I’d like to try to reduce my EC2 usage and this is one of the ways I thought I could do that.