Busy Morning – New webhost and integration with Twitter

I kept the blog downtime to about 12 hours while I transferred over to a new hosting company.  I went from godaddy to innohosting.  The reason for the change was because I was going to have several domains under my control and felt it would be best to go with a reseller account.  Godaddy’s reseller info wasn’t as user friendly as I would have liked.

I did have plenty of learning pains these past 5 days but I saved PC-Prime.com as my last transfer; hoping I had all the bugs worked out.  Turns out that tranferring a SQL database requires a little more thought than just copying and pasting.  Fortunately, I figured it out.

I also downloaded a plugin to coincide with Twitter.  I’ve been reading twitter but not really tweeting myself.  This should allow my blog posts to be posted as tweets and vice versa.  I even downloaded a twitter plugin on my blackberry.  To follow me on twitter simply look for @pcprime.

One last thing, I seem to be missing some buttons for my post creations. 🙁