Companies need to learn how to use Facebook and Twitter Together

I just unfollowed 2 companies this morning on twitter.  I have a third that is on their last strike.  I wonder who can guess as to the why.  Don’t worry, I will not make this complicated.

Listen up other companies!  If you insist on cross-posting facebook and twitter (this blog cross-posts to Twitter) then you have to remember that everything you do including the posting of photos will show up in both streams.  People do not appreciate their streams filled with spam.   I hate to be the first one to tell you but yes, 15 straight posts of pictures in my twitter feed is SPAM.

You may think I am being harsh or maybe you think that as an Internet company I should contact these companies and sell them on my knowledge of what to do and what not to do.  This could be a valid point but unfortunately I don’t think that would work.

Let me summerize this post in one sentence – Do NOT post multiples of anything to twitter in succession.

Busy Morning – New webhost and integration with Twitter

I kept the blog downtime to about 12 hours while I transferred over to a new hosting company.  I went from godaddy to innohosting.  The reason for the change was because I was going to have several domains under my control and felt it would be best to go with a reseller account.  Godaddy’s reseller info wasn’t as user friendly as I would have liked.

I did have plenty of learning pains these past 5 days but I saved as my last transfer; hoping I had all the bugs worked out.  Turns out that tranferring a SQL database requires a little more thought than just copying and pasting.  Fortunately, I figured it out.

I also downloaded a plugin to coincide with Twitter.  I’ve been reading twitter but not really tweeting myself.  This should allow my blog posts to be posted as tweets and vice versa.  I even downloaded a twitter plugin on my blackberry.  To follow me on twitter simply look for @pcprime.

One last thing, I seem to be missing some buttons for my post creations. 🙁