Print Screen Stopped Working in Windows 10 with Dropbox

Print Screen Button

My print screen stopped working in Windows 10 with Dropbox.  It has been going on about 2 months.  From what I found online the culprit was Microsoft.  Once again, Microsoft can’t do something right.  It appears that the problem lies with OneDrive and it’s screen sharing capabilities.

Turning OneDrive’s on and then off and then doing the same in Dropbox preferences fixed my problem.

The first time I tried to fix this I only clicked the Dropbox preference off and then on again.  This time I did the same to OneDrive and now I can go back to screenshot sharing with Dropbox.


How to Print Screen on 1 Monitor

I keep forgetting this simple command and I figured I better just add it to my blog. To print screen on a Windows machine you use the Print Screen button with another button depending on what you are trying to capture. In Windows this puts the image on to the clipboard where you then paste it into the program you want to use to edit or use it. This could be Paint, Photoshop or any number of programs. With a dual monitor or higher setup it is better to just capture 1 monitor at a time otherwise the picture turns out small.

The magic command is Alt-Print Screen which will capture the active monitor. The active monitor is the monitor you click into last.