DOTA2 should be Banned and Valve can Kiss My Ass for it’s Insensitivity

DOTA2 should be banned.  DOTA2 could be an amazing game but until they get rid of the players being called vulgar words and putting down others it will never be any better than Redneck Rampage.

First time i have played in months and I was called a “noob” and “faggot”.  First, being called a “faggot” should be on the same level as the “n word”.  Second, with over 100 hours logged there is no way I am a “noob” which is suppose to be offensive to those that are called it.

I have complained several times publicly but obviously those piles of money is muffling the sound going towards Valve’s ears.

I played DOTA2 before it went free to play and it was tons more fun than now.  I can’t believe how rude this game is.  What a waste of a Saturday night.