Valve needs to do ONE THING RIGHT and They Screwed it UP

Valve needs to do one thing right and they screwed it up.  Actually they have two things to do with the most important being stamping out bullying.  For that uncaring attitude I say SCREW YOU VALVE.  Now on to tonight’s issue.  Team Fortress 2 has changed to a ranking system to try and combat Blizzard’s new game called Overwatch.  That’s great and all.  They have two levels with the lowest level for those of us who have real lives.  It is called casual.  They should call it a waste of time.

Right now I really should be dropping f-bombs left and right but I am talking about something virtual instead of real life.  Granted, how “virtual” is it if you have almost 2000 hours(correction: only 876 hrs) invested in it?  In any event, I waited almost 10 minutes only for the game to crash while loading a match and then when I tried to wait again for a match I gave up over the 10 minute mark.

Here is the real doozy…

Does these douches comprehend how much freaking alcohol a person drinks waiting for a match on a FRIDAY night?!  Trust me it is far more when you “ain’t” doing anything.  On to a more endearing issue..if I am not able to play team fortress 2 I will move on to another game.  If I move on to another game then Valve has less or zero chance of me buying anything..especially with alcohol involved.  It makes me wonder what the hell they are smoking  that they can’t comprehend the rest of us?!  Now, let me get the monkey? out of the room.  Normal people don’t go and write blog posts that maybe 1 other person will read.  However, you can never rule out anything on the internet and how this post could gain traction.

SO VALVE,  start caring about real-life things like racism and fixing  your matchmaking skills.  You see, there is this fairly large 8 digit? large cash prize game called DOTA2 that you OWN that does better matchmaking then this.  How about asking that team?  While you are at it find a dictionary and look up the words bullying and racism  You put in as much effort as Donald Trump puts into his public displays.

DOTA2 should be Banned and Valve can Kiss My Ass for it’s Insensitivity

DOTA2 should be banned.  DOTA2 could be an amazing game but until they get rid of the players being called vulgar words and putting down others it will never be any better than Redneck Rampage.

First time i have played in months and I was called a “noob” and “faggot”.  First, being called a “faggot” should be on the same level as the “n word”.  Second, with over 100 hours logged there is no way I am a “noob” which is suppose to be offensive to those that are called it.

I have complained several times publicly but obviously those piles of money is muffling the sound going towards Valve’s ears.

I played DOTA2 before it went free to play and it was tons more fun than now.  I can’t believe how rude this game is.  What a waste of a Saturday night.