Outlook AutoComplete is Empty

Outlook 2013

Outlook Autocomplete was empty after I changed the primary data file.  According to a Microsoft site I needed to go into the appdata and edit a NK2 file.  Well, in 2013 those files don’t exist anymore!  I followed the directions in the last post by JOITGUY.

1st Method is to replace the below: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache\Stream_Autocomplete_0_0BE2EBB3857EB243985BE9B2E06D7383.dat file. with a backukp or from previous computer.

My dat file wasn’t actually the same file name but it led me to realize that I had 3 .dat files and only one of those files had any size to it.  I renamed 2 of the 3 files to .old and proceeded to start up outlook.  That’s all it was!

There was an error opening this document. Access is denied. Adobe Reader and Outlook

I got this message recently while opening a PDF from Outlook.  It has been a very long time since I ran across this but it may be because most of my clients are migrating away from Outlook.

It would be nice if Adobe give us a more descriptive message since it really is not an error but a “feature.”  I believe this little nuance was introduced with Adobe Reader 9.  I received this message in Adobe Reader XI.  It is called protective mode.  In order to fix it just follow these simple steps.

  1. Open Adobe Reader
  2. Go to Edit in the menu bar and select Preferences
  3. Depending on your version of Adobe we will need to go to “General” or “Advanced Security” on the left.  Adobe Reader 9 and X are both General.  Adobe Reader XI is Advanced Security.
  4. In Advanced Security (or General for your version) uncheck the box that says “Enable Protected Mode at Startup”
  5. It should ask you if you are sure you want to continue.  Select Yes.
  6. Close Reader and then try opening a PDF in Outlook or wherever you got the error last time.

That’s it!  Please be reminded that your security will be reduced when doing this but your stress will also be reduced!

Outlook Webmail Tip

Just helped someone out who had issues with his Outlook webmail and Windows Vista. When he went to reply to a message, it just gave him a red x everywhere.

It just requires a quick fix. When you login next time go to Options and then click on Email Security. From there, click download. This will download an update to allow everything to work.