Defragsvc Slowing down Computer

I’ve been having troubles with defragsvc slowing down a copy of Windows 10 hosted on VMware Esxi.  It was putting the hard disk at 100% usage which caused major lag for all the other computers trying to access the VM.  I changed the settings so that the defrag only happens once a month but it wouldn’t stop this existing defrag.

Then again, was it really defragging?  The numbers showed 0% fragmented yet the defrag kept running?  I tried to stop the service but it wouldn’t let me.  I tried it via the commandline and it said it wasn’t running.  Thought that was weird.  Eventually I found some information on how to permanently stop it at

Open a command prompt. (Run a command prompt as Administrator in Windows vista/7/8)
Copy red command line and Paste.
sc stop “defragsvc”
sc config “defragsvc” start= disabled

I look forward to seeing if this stays disabled or if it improves my server.  Solutionreach was also maxing my drive and I just can’t figure out why.  It only happens on Wednesdays and I don’t see anything in the settings that sets Wednesday apart from any other day.  I disabled it and later is when defragsvc started to cause issues.  This is all happening on just one computer.  I haven’t run into this issue anywhere else.

Installing LMS on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and using a mapped network drive

This article is to help remind me how to fix problems I ran into installing LMS on Windows 8 and now Windows 8.1.  It’s been 2 years and here are still with the same issues.

LMS is a Loan Management System created by Anchor Commercial. I recently installed LMS on a Windows 8 system. Windows 8 was virtualized.

I had 2 problems with LMS. The first issue I had was I couldn’t see my mapped network drive for the database. I had to edit the registry to fix the issue. It is related to LMS running in an elevated state as administrator.

Type in REGEDIT in a command prompt.
Navigate or search for this area in the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Policies/System
Proceed to add a new key called EnableLinkedConnections
Assign a DWORD value of 1.
Save and reboot. From that point on you should see the mapped network drive.

The second issue I had was several generic messages that would crash the program. 1 problem was a permissions issue. For some reason I needed to open up the permissions of my file server a bit more. The database is sitting in a samba share. I had to do 1 more thing to cause it to stop crashing. I created a local database on the Windows 8 image first then switched to the shared drive and deleted the created new database. That cleared out all my errors and now I have a working copy of LMS!